The SHS group pursues a decentralized approach with local compliance responsibility. Involving managers and employees in compliance responsibility is our primary goal in this regard.


Compliance Committee

The Compliance Committee acts as a central unit that coordinates the implementation of a corporate compliance approach for the SHS Group across all subsidiaries.

Essentially, this involves advising and communication through prevention (training and information) and reaction (investigations, analysis, reporting) as well as the adoption of guidelines. The implementation of the compliance strategy is subject to internal audits.

The tasks of the Compliance Committee include in particular:

·        Implementation of the compliance strategy defined by the Management Board

·        Communication of the contents of the guidelines

·        Sensitization through information (also towards external third parties)

·        Creation/adoption of guidelines

·        Clarification of compliance violations

The Compliance Committee consists of representatives from the departments Human Resources, Corporate Audit, Risk Management and the Legal. They are supported by compliance analysts and, if necessary, by specialists from other departments.

The Compliance Committee is not an institution that releases the company management, managers and risk coordinators from their compliance responsibilities. It is to be taken as partner and advisor. 


Representative for Human Rights and Environmental Risks

The Compliance Committee is appointed by the management of the SHS Group as the representative for human rights and environmental risks. In this function, the Compliance Committee carries out the SHS Group's specific risk management in accordance with the Supply Chain Due Diligence Act.