Whistleblower system

Sincere hints can help us to identify, prevent and clarify the compliance violations.

This requires the attention and willingness of all employees and third parties to point out possible serious violations of rules and regulations, for example in the areas of corruption, conflicts of interests, competition law, money laundering or human rights. This can help us to reduce damage to our company and our employees and business partners as far as possible.

If you would like to report an incident, you can contact our trust center (Vertrauensstelle)  via various channels directly. In accordance with our open and trustful management culture, our employees should always first contact their supervisor.

Our customers and suppliers should contact their business partner in the first line.

In order to protect our whistleblowers, all submitted information - whether anonymous or by name - will be treated in strict confidence. The accusations or suspicions may have considerable consequences for the persons named in the report. We would therefore ask you to use our whistleblower system only for serious, well-considered reports.

Please note that this procedure is not suitable for reporting security emergencies or for general complaints, such as in the area of personnel matters. In these cases, please contact the appropriate authorities.