We’re shaping the future with steel

With its sites in Völklingen, Burbach and Neunkirchen, Saarstahl AG is among the world’s most prominent manufacturers of long products. The company specializes in the production of wire rod, bar steel and premium-quality semifinished products. The product range also includes open-die forgings such as turbines and generators. The products are important primary products for the automotive industry and its suppliers, for the construction industry, the aerospace industry, and for general machine manufacturing. Every fifth tire in Europe, for example, rolls on wire made by Saarstahl.

The subsidiary Saarschmiede GmbH Freiformschmiede has positioned itself as a key supplier to the international energy industry. The company specializes in rotating and static forged products for the construction of generators and turbines in power plants.

Saarstahl invests continuously in its production facilities to ensure that it meets the highest international quality standards. In 2018, Saarstahl further strengthened its investment program with a focus on the LD steel works and the rolling mills. Since 2008, the Saarstahl Group has invested around 160 million euros per year in the modernisation of its plants.

The eleven Saarstahl subsidiaries are also leaders in processing within their product categories. Saarstahl AG and AG der Dillinger Hüttenwerke also each hold a 50% direct and indirect interest in Zentralkokerei Saar and in Roheisengesellschaft Saar. Saarstahl AG sells its products in Germany through direct marketing. Outside Germany, the products are primarily sold through the company’s local marketing companies, including those located in the United States, China and India.


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