Compliance management system (CMS)

Our compliance management is based on various basic elements. The aim is to ensure that legal representatives, managers and employees behave in accordance with the rules and values and to meet the requirements of our business partners.

Based on our corporate culture and values, we have defined and developed the compliance strategy of the SHS Group. The corporate guidelines, such as the SHS code of ethics, are communicated and exemplified by the company management board.

The compliance organization is set up on the existing organizational and management structures of the SHS Group.

We carried out a hazard analysis on the basis of seven core topics and identified the potential compliance risks for our companies and its subsidiaries. As a result, we drew up a risk map, showing the areas of risk. Assuming this we implemented specific compliance measures. A preventive and permanent risk analysis was launched in departments and subsidiaries.

Our compliance program comprises a broad spectrum of measures. In addition to face-to-face training and e-learning courses, we hold individual trainings and provide our employees with publications on important compliance topics. Another component of our compliance program is to detect measures from the results of the preventive risk analysis, which is regularly carried out by our risk coordinators.