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Investment in the future – Dillinger building a new training center

12 February 2020

Transformation of Saarland steel companies will require highly trained specialists. As a consequence, Dillinger is investing in the future by building a new training center for metal careers for its own employees and those from other companies. Training content will focus on Industry 4.0.

Steel is the material of the energy transition. Without high-quality steel for wind turbines, hydroelectric power plants, photovoltaics and other applications, the energy transition cannot succeed. The company is building a state-of-the-art digital training facility for the region and its employees at a cost of EUR 6.5 million. The facility will enable Dillinger to continue its ongoing transformation to green steel and ensure that Saarland is home to the most highly advanced steel industry.

At the groundbreaking ceremony for the new building, Peter Schweda, Chief Human Resources Officer and Labor Director at Dillinger, told guests: "Even in these challenging times, we are planning for the future and pointing the way for Saarland steel with the new workshop. We believe the knowledge and skills of our trainees and employees are central to Dillinger's competitiveness.” Jürgen Barke, State Secretary in the Saarland Ministry of Economics, expressed confidence: “The steel industry is a cornerstone of our economy in Saarland and a guarantee for the success of the energy transition. With the new training center, Dillinger is ensuring that the cleanest and best steel in the world will continue to be produced in Saarland. The trainees and employees in the steel industry can contribute significantly to ensuring the success of the transformation to carbon-free steel production and help ensure that Saarland remains an innovative location for business.”

Up to 180 trainees will be taught simultaneously in the workshop in the fields of metalworking, maintenance and machining. The workshop covers an area of approx. 2,000 m2. The training will focus on the new requirements of digitalization within industry. “A lot has changed in the training. Today the trainees are practically programmers. That was not an issue when I was training,” Raimund Mansion said at the groundbreaking ceremony. He started his vocational training in 1970 and, with 50 years of service, is the “oldest” trainee in Dillingen.

3D printers, scanners and powerful mobile workstations with high-resolution 27-inch monitors will be used to optimize the training and integration of 3D CAD/CAM processes. The trainees will work with state-of-the-art software and acquire the qualifications for “rapid prototyping.” This is knowledge that will be required as part of additional Industry 4.0 qualifications in metal and electrical occupations.

They will learn how to measure and plan three-dimensional workpieces using 3D coordinate-measuring machines. In the new training workshop, “authentic” production of steel products is learned in a machine park with ultra-modern machining centers. Working at the machines, the young people will be given the instruction they need to work under real-world conditions. Only professional training on professional machines can guarantee Dillinger's quality standards for its products.

The quality of training at Dillinger is also recognized by other companies. The company’s trainees are regularly among the country's best in their training years. Many companies in the region therefore send their employees to Dillinger for complete inter-company training or for individual training modules in the metal and electrical trades. Around 60 external trainees are currently training at Dillinger and Saarstahl, either long term or in modules and courses. With the new training center, even more people from other companies will be able to take advantage of Dillinger's highly qualified training program from summer 2021 onwards.

Together with Saarstahl, Dillinger is the largest training company in Saarland, and with over 500 young people currently undergoing initial vocational training, the number of trainees has remained consistently high for years. The company is investing approx. EUR 6.5 million in the new construction of the workshop, thus demonstrating its commitment to its employees and to the Dillingen site.

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