The new dimension in services

SHS Services GmbH is a wholly owned subsidiary of SHS – Stahl-Holding-Saar. As an independent company within SHS, it provides services to Dillinger Hütte, Saarstahl and other affiliated companies. SHS Services is specifically responsible for

  • purchasing and trading in goods
  • purchasing external services
  • issuing manufacturing orders
  • performance of internal services for the group, which currently involves services in the area of information technology (with more areas to follow)  

In order to implement a company-wide strategy that consistently utilizes synergy effects, SHS Services pursues above all the following objectives:

  • pooling, improving and expanding internal group services
  • optimizing processes and systems
  • pooling technical know-how
  • consolidating and improving groupwide purchasing activities

The individual departments of SHS Services comprise the respective formerdepartments of Dillinger Hütte and Saarstahl as well as their joint subsidiary Einkaufsgesellschaft der Dillinger Hütte and Saarstahl mbH.